Edinburgh Mountaineering Club: Meet Report
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One way or another - Claire H Hon dangling - Claire H
One way or another - Claire H

Meet Report

1st December 2019 to 1st January 2020 - Alien Bloc

Dec 2019

I've usurped Alison's usual reporting spot with my own brief report of the club's weeknight clambering mission this year.

Many thanks to Hon for taking most of the photos at the annual Bloc paparazzi session which, in a now traditional format, featured party kilts, bells, fabulous leggings and reindeer-related headwear; Alison came with extras for the humbugs to wear - there's always a few!

It was rather a frustrating year climbing-wise, with summer Wednesday evenings always seeming to coincide with poor weather. On one particularly memorable evening I decided to cycle out to Ratho along the canal despite a forecast storm; I recall sheltering under a succession of bridges alongside swans and drowned rats; Alison and Neil had to do some inventive nav on the roads as low points had several ft of water! On the other hand a highlight was being able to climb at Limekilns with Martha, temporary member Urszula, Elsie and Neil well in to the 11th hour without the use of a headtorch. Climbs were also achieved at North Berwick and Traprain.

Ratho and Aliens continue to be regularly attended by regulars David, Hon, Neil, Alison, Martha, Mike, Elsie and Fiona and we've also gained a Helen (who botched her knee on the night of the photos and has been out of action since - get better soon Helen), a pair of French Thomases and a Leni.

Well done to Elsie and Hon for achievements at the Bloc comps this year; and Elsie it's so good to have you back climbing again since your back problems in the summer!

All the best for a successful 2020 of climbs.

"Sequences" Hopkins

Claire H