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This website makes some limited use of cookies. This is described here to meet our obligations under European e-privacy law to allow site users to make informed decisions.

Cookie usage by the site:

edinburghmc.org.uk domain cookies
- these are all related to the normal operation of the site, particularly the ability to login. Most are limited to the life of the session, the longest lived one expires after 2 days.
Google Analytics
- this site uses Google Analytics for the sole purpose of assessing and improving the value of the site to the club membership, and also the discoverability of the site (and hence the club) to potential new members. The relevant cookie is (at time of writing) believed to be a google.com domain cookie named PREFS. You can read more about Google Analytics' use of cookies here; note an opt-out browser add-on is available.
- the "Like Box" on the site's Facebook page presumably uses Facebook cookies in the production of its content, but has no impact on non-Facebook users.

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