Edinburgh Mountaineering Club: Meet Report
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One of several traps we came across - Fiona C A very damp lunch on a day when most folk chose the shortest walk possible - Fiona C
One of several traps we came across - Fiona C

Meet Report

18th to 20th October 2013 - Prosen Hostel, Glenprosen Kirriemuir

Wet wet wet wet wet.  I don't think it's often you drive to a meet with the windscreen wipers going all the way there.  Ever, even.  But this was one of those times.  After what seemed a long final few miles, Glen Prosen Hostel was found to be spacious, comfortable and warm.  Uninspired by the prospects for the next day, some members stayed up rather late.

Next morning the situation outside was little improved.  Eventually a mass assault on a nearby Graham was convened, largely thanks to Gillian's relentless enthusiasm for such exploits.  Despite cloudbase down nearly to the glen floor this was achieved without much difficulty (freshly qualified ML Ian demonstrating his navigation abilities).  While most headed from there on and down towards the hostel, Gillian (no surprise), Ian and Tim opted to take in an additional Graham on the return route.

Other parties headed off to run the Graham (Claire and Sharon), for Driesh and Mayar (Pete and Sara, with bikes) and for Broad Cairn (Alan and Anne).  One member who shall remain nameless opted to remain in the hostel all day, only venturing outside after sunset, for a run.

A convivial Saturday evening at the hostel was punctuated by a swift EGM to change one word in the club constitution.

Sunday was a little better weather wise, the main focus today being Driesh and Mayar (although one car-load did an about-turn and headed off to the "monument walk" instead).  A good soaking was had on the way up, but followed by the weekend's only glimpses of blue sky and some brief breaks in the interminable clag revealing partial views of the glens around.

Meanwhile Sara and Pete bagged Mount Keen; a bit of a drive away but needed for Sara's nearing-completion Munro round.

Despite the weather, an enjoyable meet; it was nice to have some potential new members along, and see a former one return.