Edinburgh Mountaineering Club: Meet Report
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Ice axe versus nose! - Fiona R
Ice axe versus nose! - Fiona R

Meet Report

14th to 16th January 2011 - Carrbridge Bunkhouse, Carrbridge

The weekend began with a beautiful crisp clear evening with brilliant views of the stars and Milky Way, alas it didn't last. Saturday was a day of rain, rain and more rain with silly high winds just to make the experience all the more delightful. Most members opted for sensible short walks to minmise exposure to the hoolie outside. The largest party (Tim, Chris, Jake, Fiona C, Gillian, Kenny, Martin, Alison C) headed for Ben Rinnes and managed to partially avoid the rain. Dessie, Alan and Anne R wandered up one of the Monadhliath Munros getting very damp in the process, Bill and Eileen attacked a wee Graham and Fiona R and Mike discovered the true joys of winter climbing by getting soaked to the skin on the Fiacaill Couloir whilst being guinea pigs for trainee MIC Nathan White. 

The evening saw some juggling of the kettle, toaster, microwave, cooker etc with everyone getting fed eventually and several members escaping to the Cairn Hotel for a very nice meal. Mulled wine and stilton were consumed with Fiona R and Mike being too trashed to partake. The highlight of the evening was when the bunkhouse owners wee westie came over to say hello resulting in lots of fawning and fussing over the cute wee beastie. After deeming the dog had had sufficient attention (perhaps he was jealous) Kenny then demonstrated his dog handling skills with a "come on now, it's time you went home" whilst pointing at the door. The poor wee westie departed, tail between it's legs, never to be seen again. 

On Sunday a number of members headed for the Northern Corries but only 5 out of 9 actually made it beyond the car park - it was a wee bit windy but nowhere near as wet as Saturday. Kenny and Alison introduced Dessie to the joys of winter climbing on Jacob's Ladder, Fiona R and Mike learned lots of new mountaineering/climbing skills. 

So, despite the weathers best attempts to scupper the weekend, a fair few hills were climbed and lots of fun had.