Edinburgh Mountaineering Club: Meet Report
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Meet Report

30th April to 2nd May 2004 - Lagangarbh, Glencoe

We arrived in the usual dribs and drabs. Lesley opened up, having obtained the key via a cumbersome Glasgow/Edinburgh shuttle service. Kenny and Alison arrived with Kenny undertaking an interesting exercise in comparative dynamics. In the same length of time it took him to carry his gear from the car, across the bridge to the hut the contents of a tub of soup made its way from his waist down his Ron Hills into his sock. As we sat amongst Kenny's cacophany of curses, we were grateful that he hadn't backpacked in!

The location and the most beautiful of sunny Saturdays were perfect for a day on the mountain. A variety of goals were set and achieved. Anne climbed both Buachailles, scornfully dismissing a group of squaddies on the way. Iraq will be a doddle after that, lads! Alison and Kenny climbed on some Stob Coire but still seemed dissatisfied about something technical and wet. Nicola, Keith and Alison dallied in the sun on Bidean nam Bian. Keith declined the offer of sun screen to painfully find later that the hair on his head, like Kenny's tolerance of soup cartons, was wearing thin. Lesley went into the hills to the south east of Bridge of Orchy to bag another Corbett. Alan went north of Victoria Bridge to do a Corbett and Munros while the author claimed two Grahams to the south of the same Glen. Poor Victoria was hut-bound captivated by Ben Vomit (that will teach you not to drink to excess). All in all, the club had a nap hand of walking/climbing activities.

Sunday brought a wetter morning, a colder wind and a lower cloud base but the author's scant and indecipherable notes and appalling memory can't give you the details of the full range of hills climbed. He, Alison and Anne bagged Sqor na h-ulaidh and the adjacent Corbett, Meall Lighiche before retiring to the Clachaig for a pint. Regrettably, those without the Monday holiday, and those who fancied an early bath, returned home leaving the author, Lesley and Alan to enjoy a meal by the fire with a couple of the Scottish Mountaineering Club wallahs. They turned out to be quite reasonable coves and belied the reputation for detachment and elitism.

We were surprised to find a dusting of snow on the hills on Monday morning. Short days and Grahams were in order with Lesley climbing Beinn na Soine on the north side of the Oban road and the author doing Stob Breac on the south side of Loch Voil (taking advantage of not having the dog with him and the hostility to canines demonstrated by the estate). On the subject of our canine friends, why are dogs banned from Lagangarbh? Those of you thinking of taking the budgie or hamster should not get complacent as all pets are banned. I can't remember what Alan was going to do, but as he has a League championship under his belt, I don't give a monkey's (also banned).

All in all, good location, good mountains, good company and good crack. As Van Morrison would say, "Why can't it be like that all the time?"

Richard Hartland