Edinburgh Mountaineering Club: Meet Report
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Meet Report

10th to 12th December 2004 - Roy Bridge

16 of us arrived in the usual dribs and drabs at Aite Cruinichidh bunkhouse, near Roy Bridge, with the first test being negotiation of the acute left turn from the main road on arrival from the east. This was a comfortable and well-appointed bunkhouse, with spacious bedrooms, plenty of ablution facilities, and a sauna. The whole place was pine cladded, and the only improvement might be a few cushioned seats in the kitchen/living room area. Also the one radiator wasn't always working. However, with these minor reservations, this venue was ideal for us, and no doubt will be a popular choice for future weekends.

With a weather forecast that was set fair for the weekend, walking plans were honed to perfection during the convivial Friday evening. Our amateur flyweight pugilist Victoria alluded to her punishing training regime, 4 gym sessions a week with a punch bag and a 17 stone trainer, revealing how she can bring a man down with a single blow. Albert looked quizzical, knowing perhaps as I do that all it takes is a few choice words over a careless remark made yesterday, last week, a decade ago, makes no difference. The Druid was entertained by 4 blondes from Arran, but wisely left the best one for the dorm. For once Richard's "its only 9%" Vinho Verde was eclipsed by Kenny's macho 11.5% Portuguese rose. Alison, clearly counting her units (3.1 exactly) readily used up her daily allocation with an orgasmic, sorry I mean organic West Country cider choice.

Dawn was indeed set fair, with clear skies and a ground frost, but annoying amounts of clag built up during the day leading to mixed fortunes. I was lucky on the Aonachs, but Cathy, Hywel and Alison didn't get views from nearby Corbetts Cruach Innse and Sgurr Innse. Richard broke with tradition and was off the hill in daylight. Accompanied by Iain, they caught the early morning train to Corrour, and walked out to Tulloch over the remote Graham Creag Gheanach and the Easains, an impressive endeavour in December. Fortunately, Victoria and a fully laden Fraser (in last minute preparation for his Aconcagua trip) proudly carried forward the club custom and arrived safely back from the Grey Corries well after dark. Nobody was worried beyond amber concern. Big hills ain't they!

Kenny also went into Corrour by bike, and met a former EMC member on the platform for the train out that he hadn't seen since his wedding day 26 years ago. No not Kenny silly! Alan and Anne's choice was the twin peaks of Stob Coire Sgriodain and Chno Dearg on the east side of Loch Treig, while Albert and Judith headed for Glen Roy and the Corbett Beinn Iaruinn. Keith was also in Glen Roy, and chose the Corbett Carn Dearg, followed by another Corbett Carn Dearg. With boredom setting in he decided not to go for the third Carn Dearg Corbett. Our gaelic speaking ancestors were obviously having a bad day when they named these hills. Bill and Eileen had a day on the Cuillin. That's Carn Chuilinn by Fort Augustus. Maybe they went for Teallach on Sunday? That's Beinn, not An.

Saturday night was even more jovial, with the beer and wine flowing, mountains of pasta consumed, and Richard and Cathy fully relaxed from the sauna. Highlights included "Wild Bill Coppock's" useful tips, such as how to put on a yeti gaiter without it folding over (patent BC plc inventions inc.) and how to continue cycling with a shredded inner tube. Sorry, I lost the plot with this one but there seems to be a rubber theme. Tryptophan induced dreams were guaranteed following the usual late night cheese orgy.

The warm front that came in on Saturday night meant a change back to mild cloudy conditions. As I was away early I don't know what the day's choices were, but indications pointed to Glen Roy as a popular choice for those who hadn't been there on Saturday. All in all, an excellent weekend.

Martin Hulme