Edinburgh Mountaineering Club: Meet Report
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Meet Report

1st to 3rd March 2003 - Carrbridge

This was our first visit to Steptoe's bunkhouse. aka Carrbridge and it certainly is a unique building filled with all sorts of interesting knick knacks. Long periods of time could be spent in the toilets reading the old mountaineering newspaper clippings and cartoons that had been pasted all over the walls. The quadruple decker stacking system used in the dorms for sleeping was not ideally suited to those suffering from vertigo or having a weak bladder.

The forecast was very good and did not disappoint so lots of stuff was done on Saturday, including various expeditions in the Gorms. Martin, Kenny, Bobbi and I did a traverse of the smaller Cromdale hills where we met some strange creatures that Kenny insisted were large goats but which actually turned to be reindeer. Fiona spent most of the day getting her car repaired after reporting on the Friday night that there were some strange unexplained noises so bad that they were drowning out the radio. The suggestion by the club's resident car experts of turning the radio up didn't go down too well.

Sunday morning was even better and we were able to take advantage of the outside seating for an alfresco breakfast. There was a mass attack on a Corbett above Kingussie. Kenny and I had an early start to the rock climbing season at Kingussie crag but were disappointed when a 4 year old girl nabbed one of the routes we wanted to do. Yet again, a large assortment of food was left by members leaving in a rush to take advantage of the good weather (hint as us older and wilier members know many goodies can be collected by hanging about the fridge at the end of a club meet - or if you prefer gear to food, try the dorms and drying room). Oddly nobody seemed keen to take the collection of left over pies but at least this let Martin come out with the line "so who didn't eat all the pies then".