Edinburgh Mountaineering Club: Meet Report
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Meet Report

1st to 3rd April 2003 - Dundonnell

As the weekend approached we were all wondering whether the weather would last and it did almost! It was looking a bit dreich on Sat morning but we all headed off to do different things. Bill, Eileen and Gillian biked in to do Beinn a Chasgein Mor, Albert and Judith did a walk in that direction, Lindsay, Alison W and John did Beinn Dearg, Anne and Jennifer did An Fagdagaich (but that's not what they called it!) Alison did a wee Corbett and Kenny did 2 Grahams, Cathy and Hywel did B einn Airigh Charr and Lesley went round to Applecross to do Sgurr a Chaorachain. The lengths you have to go to when you've done all the Corbetts near by!. The weather varied depending on where you were and most of us got a bit wet during the day but Lesley got the best of the weather. However late afternoon was just glorious, sunshine, blue skies, fantastic beaches, who needs the Caribbean?.

Martin arrived later quite pleased with himself having come second (he thinks) as a 'super vet' in a hill race at Strathpeffer. I would have been happy coming last!

We all made it back in time to go the hotel for our tea (except Bill, Eileen and Gillian who apparently kept stopping to admire the view). The service left a bit to be desired but the food was good and there were clean plates all round. We had a very entertaining evening, the highlight of which was Jennifer's split second backhand timing when she managed to swipe a passing glass and empty the contents over Alison. Luckily it was only water and no good drink was wasted! Judith and Anne kindly offered to be our chauffeurs but Kenny was disappointed that neither of the cars had a bike rack for the way back!

Sunday was very sunny and the crowd went off to An Teallach, various Corbetts and the odd Graham. Some of us had to head back to Auld Reekie at teatime, but I am reliably informed that another enjoyable evening was had by all, apart from Gillian who did an incredibly distant Corbett and didn't return till 11 p.m.

On Monday Lesley headed off to Ullapool for the ferry to Lewis, Alison and Kenny did a Graham between Gruinard and Loch Ewe, Hywel did Sail Mhor and Anne was heading for the Fisherfield I believe. As for the rest, no doubt they will enlighten you when you next see them!