Edinburgh Mountaineering Club: Meet Report
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Meet Report

1st to 3rd May 2003 - Morvich

Despite a fairly dire weather forecast for the May Day weekend, a small gang of brave souls turned up in fairly wet dribs and drabs at the Morvich campsite. Needless to say there were only a few tents there and when I arrived around 6pm it was horsing down. I actually ended up pitching the inner part of my tent in the little cooking area which, having a small roof on it, helped me prevent my tent turning into an indoor swimming pool. That night there was little enthusiasm for cooking al fresco so in true rufty tufty style we all had our tea at the pub.

A ray of hope on Saturday morning though - sunshine and blue skies!! Between the lot of us we did quite well really. Anne, Iain and his pal Steve did the South Cluanie Ridge; Jennifer, Mark and Jura, on a rare child-free weekend did the Five Sisters; Albert, Judith and Sam did Am Bathach; Richard and Sophie did A'Ghlas-bheinn and then just to make the day a little longer, in true style added on the Graham Carnan Cruithneachd. (I have to say at this point I am surrounded by reference books just to make sure I get all these spellings right!!). Bill and Eileen did the Corbett Sgurr a'Bhac Chaolais, then as the weather was so good, they went onto Sgurr na Sgine and then what the hell, they did the Saddle as well. Jessie and I did the Corbett, Beinn Loinne - a bit of a bog trot, but lovely views at the end of it. Although there were some fairly heavy showers during the day, these were thankfully short-lived and I think by and large, everyone had a really good day.

Rain came back to haunt us again by early evening, so most of us opted to eat in the pub again. However, because the place was so busy, we didn't actually get anything to eat until around 10pm. If the meal had been delayed by another half hour, I think the whole lot of us would have been legless having consumed quite a lot of beer on empty stomachs.

After we were all tucked up in our tents, we then experienced some of the strongest gales I have ever known. The wind seemed to charge the tents at great speed, batter them senseless and then disappear before starting the whole process all over again. All through the night, each time the wind belted and smashed into the tents there was a series of screams and yells, followed by nervous giggling. I don't think anyone slept at all. Amazingly, all the tents were still on the ground in the morning and not half way up the surrounding hills instead.

Sunday morning was grey, wet and windy. Most folk decided to pack up and either head for home or do something before heading for home. Anne, Eileen and Bill climbed the Corbett behind the campsite - Sgurr an Airgid; Richard drove round to Loch Carron and climbed Sgurr nan Ceannaichean and Moruisg, getting pretty soaked in the process. I think Iain and Steve did A'Glas-bheinn and I wimped out and went to Fort William to buy a new rucksack.

Richard, having stayed another night, climbed the Pap of Glencoe on his way home on Monday.