Edinburgh Mountaineering Club: Meet Report
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Meet Report

1st to 3rd October 2003 - Bowderstone, Lake District

Club Members headed South down the M6 and dusted off their passports for the first meet on English soil in many a long year. After a short walk in the dark from the car park the hut was a welcoming sight with the coal fire burning brightly. Arriving late put people at a bit of a disadvantage as it invariably meant they were sent up to the third tier of the alpine bunk where abseiling back down was probably the safest option. Some members stayed up gossiping to the ungodly hour of 1am, and it was rumoured that some of them may have been drinking, surely not.

Saturday morning saw the usual "so what are you doing today" question doing the rounds as people took off in all directions. There was a debate about where to leave the key for the day, unfortunately Albert & Richard were not party to these high brow discussions, a pity really as sods law dictated that they arrived back at the hut first. Anne & myself went round to Braithwaite for Grisedale Pike and the circuit round to Causey Pike, Kenny & Alison were close by on Robinson and Dale Head while Albert & Richard (I think) were on Scafell. Other members were scattered around various other hills enjoying a very pleasant morning and suffering a very sharp shower in the afternoon that contained hail on the higher summits, a sign of the oncoming winter, hopefully.

Saturday night saw the usual bout of cooking followed by the usual bout of "how was your day" and rounded off with various bottles of wine and beer being polished off in front of the roaring fire. A very pleasant way to spend a Saturday evening.

Sunday was a much better day weather wise and started off with a distinct chill in the air, I headed off up Skiddaw and there were some excellent views across the Solway Firth before my descent which involved passing hordes of people on their way up. Richard, Kenny & Alison were on Haystacks while others made the most of the glorious weather.

Who knows maybe the club will return to the Lakes before the decade is out!

Alan R