Edinburgh Mountaineering Club: Meet Report
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Al on Ben Tirran - Alison C
Al on Ben Tirran - Alison C

Meet Report

21st to 23rd November 2003 - Glen Clova Hotel (Dinner Meet)

Our confidence was raised by Michellin Star assessor Anne Craig who decided a small reconnaissance visit was required the weekend earlier - the venue The Glen Clova Hotel lived up to all expectations for the 'posh' side of the club. Mere serfs like myself stayed in the bunkhouse, which was extremely comfortable, and with ensuite bathroom..seems to be becoming the thing for bunkhouses these days. Next it'll be tv's. Steph named our room the Walrus chamber, the main contributors to this racket being Fraser, Bill and Vladivar boy. The Friday night gathering centred round the bar until the late hours and reconvened at 9am for those rugby fans within the club. Hats off to Kenny who was under the influence of a general anaesthetic and a few G and Ts!

Most folks made for the hill with Beinn Tirrin via Loch Brandy being the most popular circuit on Saturday, though the usual distant Corbetts were bagged. Myself and a few others watched the rugby till noon! Strangely there seemed to be blizzard conditions down under due to the interesting reception on the TV - more snow than the Cairngorms? In true Alpine style we headed up Mayar and Dreish at about 12:30. It was a cold day on the tops with some icing, and the occasional breaks in the cloud provided an atmospheric outing if a bit short. The Brock Inspectors prompted much arm waving. Alison, Alison and Fraser made off down the Corrie Fee burn while Steph, Anne, Alan and myself retraced our steps down through the forest to be sat comfortably in the bar by 5pm for a few sherbets before we all sat down to dinner which was extremely good, with excellent service for the large gang of us.

Sunday was walk reversal from Saturday in lovely sunshine. A very relaxing weekend had by all.

Alistair and Steph