Edinburgh Mountaineering Club: Meet Report
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Meet Report

1st to 3rd May 2002 - Cannich

This weekend started with a rumble for some. Eileen, who had been up on the Friday back backing, managed to pitch her tent over the Strathconon Fault line (not that she knew at the time) and had 3 earthquakes during the evening, officially measuring 2.3 on the Richter Scale. Plays havoc with your camping stove apparently...

From thereon it proved to a be a faultless weekend (tremouring with laughter yet?). It was really one for the 'glass is half full types' who had brought along their shorts and sun tan lotion, as the bank holiday weekend proved to be glorious. Cobalt blue skies, sun shining all weekend and never a cloud to be seen. It was also a winner for list-tickers of every type; Munro-baggers, Corbett baggers, Graham baggers and even some who were just tidying up on a few of their tops! There were also some people who came along just to enjoy the walking, the sunshine and good company...

Saturday morning one group got the boat along Loch Mullardoch and set off on various missions on the local hills, the Beinn Fhionnlaidh 3, the northern (An Socach etc) 4 and a Graham bagging back-pack to Spean Bridge! Others did a wide range of hills including a popular outing to Tom a' Choinich and Toll Creagach. Lesley ('call out the mountain rescue if I'm not back by midnight!') Armstrong went out for one of her usual short-strolls over a Corbett or two. All in all everyone had quite a long day and, it has to be said, we were not the liveliest people in the pub that night.

Sundays can sometime see a mixed level of commitment in terms of the 'mountaineering' part of the 'mountaineering club'. Normally on Sunday it tends to be raining, you have a hangover and 'there's stuff to do' in Edinburgh. However as we were so late to the pub on the Saturday, the sun was still shining and we had a holiday Monday it dawned on us that we had better go walking again. Unused to the experience and lacking imagination we all swopped hills and did the reverse of what the people had done the previous day. A fine day was had by all. Who says we can't improvise!

Somehow we all managed to get to the pub at a more reasonable time on the Sunday (must be the practice) and so by Monday morning we could return to form and a few people sneaked home to 'do their stuff', some declaring they would do some bump or other on the way home. For those that that did endeavour to climb another hill (the views from Fionn Bheinn were fabulous by the way) what another fantastic day!