Edinburgh Mountaineering Club: Meet Report
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IMG_20230304_112903_259.jpg - Keith

Meet Report

3rd to 5th March 2023 - Loch Ossian YH, Corrour

An anxious start to this one!

An early morning message from Doug B set the tone for the day "Hello team. It appears that the 20.20 train from Crianlarich has been cancelled".. Cue a flurry of activity as we all reviewed our options....whilst still trying to hold down jobs etc.

Feeling a bit like Captain Smith on the Titanic( Or Jim Lovell on Apollo 13....or Custer at The Little Big Horn) as he watched events unfold , I opted to take a half day ( with my First Officer Murdoch...David T) and head for the 2.20 train. To add to the comedy as we arrived on the platform an email came through from Jan at the hostel saying "the 20.20 train will run..they've found a driver!!" Oh well..

Kenny and Fiona R were already on the tops when we arrived with most of the other folk managing to get the later train after all.

The weather on Saturday was simply stunning. Amazing views everywhere you looked as far as the eye could see. Just glorious! 

Shireen, Elaine ,Kenny and myself opted for Leum Uilleim ( of Trainspotting fame) with Shireen continuing on to Beinn na Lap . Richard headed for a circuit of the 3 munros to the SE of the Loch ( Carn Dearg etc)  , Martha and David headed for the Grahams Creag Ghuanach and Beinn an Cioche whilst Doug , Rhi and Duncan went for the Lancet edge....going over quite a few other things on the way there and back. Good one!!

On Sunday I opted for a run round the loch( 1 hour 30ish). Kenny headed for a smaller peak above the hostel. Martha , Doug , David ,Rhi and Duncan headed for  Leum Uilleum with Doug , Martha and Rhi continuing over Beinn na Lap as well whilst Duncan opted for a run round the loch ( 56 mins...good one!)...Actually Martha also ran round the Loch on Friday evening!..(1 hr 09 mins) .Richard , Judit ,Shireen and Elaine all opted for low level walking/cycling on the Sunday .

All in all a great meet and a big shout out for Jan at the Loch Ossian Hostel for all the help with communication/info/travel options etc on the Friday when things seemed to be going a bit wrong!!