Edinburgh Mountaineering Club: Meet Report
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20221023_110113.jpg - Claire H 20221023_101449.jpg - Claire H
20221023_110113.jpg - Claire H

Meet Report

21st to 23rd October 2022 - Rucksacks , Braemar

It had been four years since our last trip to Rucksacks and everyone was looking forward to what i possibly one of the best venues around.

The weather forecast was looking ominously changeable and the club split into the optimists and pessimists.

On Saturday the pessimists (Mike, Fiona, Kenny, Alison & Gillian) went for a wander from Mar Lodge through the "stunning" pass of clais fhearnaig(flase advertising!) and onwards over Creag Bhalg. Whilst lunching in the sun we reflected perhaps the optimists may have had a better day.

Meanwhile the optimists has split into several factions.

- Rob & Duncan cycled into Linn of Dee with a straightforward ascent of Carn a Mhaim. Duncan completed the circuit with Ben Macdui and Derry Cairngorm whislt Rob was satisified with his post bunion surgery single hill day.

- Tim , Joh, Clare & David had a good day out on Cullardoch & Creagan Dail Bheag

- And finally the super optimists (Martha, Doug, Alan, Anne & Claire) had a great day out on The Devil's Point, Cairn Toul, Sgurr an Lochain Uaine, Monadh Mor & Beinn Bhrotrain. Smug photos all round and leaves Martha with one munro to compleation.

Sundays weather was greyer and less promising. 

Mike & Fiona set off to see how many hills their enthusiasm woul allow before deciding after one (Carn an Tuirc) that the coffee shop in Ballater was more appealling.

Alan , Claire & Martha did a running circuit of Creag Bhalg

Rob was on An Socach and had a good day despite forgetting most of his kit.

David & Joh went up Sgurr Mor.

Gillian did a circuit of Carn na Drochaide proving that faffing does pay off arriving at the summit just as it cleared.

A great weekend and nice to be back in the southern cairngorms.

Mike W