Edinburgh Mountaineering Club: Meet Report
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Meet Report

1st to 3rd November 2002 - Blackrock Cottage

Looking at the forecast earlier in the week would have suggested a good weekend to sit and read books at home. Indeed an outing on Thursday night between Charlotte Square and the pub involved a heavy drowning. Buoyed by the club optimists and the improving weather forecast still we all set off with the objective of a Glen Coe gathering. BlackRock greeted us with its usual open arms and a warm welcome. Well - it was warm once the fires were lit.

The Saturday was an alright winter's day. Cloud base at a little below the tops and a bit of drizzle in the air. We all set off in different directions. Some climbing the two Munros out the back door some travelling round to do some bagging in the Mamores and an attack on some corbetts in Glen Etive. Meanwhile the hardy explorers decided to complete the first exploration of the Hidden Valley. It appears we were beaten too it as there was a huge path. So much for it being hidden.

The evening was spent eating marshmallows and seeing how many different sauces you can have with pasta. There followed some serious book reading and a very creditable assault on the Scotsman Crossword. During the night a very strange thing happened. While many had gone to bed leaving alcohol behind, in the night it all seemed to have disappeared. A very strange phenomenon indeed.

The sunday morning dawned bright and crisp. There had been a sharp frost over night and the skies were clear blue. A very excited group began to hatch plans for the day to enjoy the scenery at its best. However, there was one member of the party who decided that rather than go for a refreshing walk on such a glorious day they would go back to bed for a bit as they had the mother of all hangovers. I wonder if there is any connection with the mysterious events of the previous night....

A fantastic weekend was had by all. Definitely a place to go back to. Next time I'll ensure we order the same good weather.

Have a happy Christmas and a Great New Year.