Edinburgh Mountaineering Club: Meet Report
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Corrour Station by David A - Chris Re Loch Treig - Mike W
Corrour Station by David A - Chris Re

Meet Report

21st to 23rd February 2020 - Loch Ossian Youth Hostel , Corrour Station

Winter has arrived!

The forecast wasn't good, very heavy winds and rain, turning into snow as the weekend progressed, nevertheless 17 brave souls took various trains into Corrour Station and the short walk (with tail wind) to Loch Ossian Hostel.

Mike & Fiona had considered a hill or two but on arrival thought better of it and carried on to Fort William for indoor climbing and a pint or two!

The bulk of the crew took the afternoon train from Crianlarich and arrived at the bunkhouse around 4pm, a quick wander up the Loch for some and then dinner. Fiona M, Mike & Fiona R came on a later train from the north and Emma C, Claire H, Martha & Kamila came in on the late train just before 10pm. A windy night for all with gales and snow blizzards throughout the night and then a reasonably early start on Saturday,

With Saturday came a mass ascent of Beinn Na Lap with David T, David B, David A, Chris Ro, Martha, Emma C, Claire H, Kamila, Charlie and I. The weather started ok-ish, and ended with us pinned to the floor at the summit with blasting squalls. Our original plan to carry on down the far side was cut short and we bugged out back to the hostel. Meanwhile both Fiona's and Mike headed up to Loch Treig for two Graham's and Kate, Allan S, Alexander and Gillian took a long walk around Loch Ossian via a couple of lumps and bumps. 'Character building' would be a good summary of Saturday but all came back with smiles and laughter (or at stress induced hysteria). An afternoon of raucous games for the Beinn Na Lap crew was followed by more Loch Ossian walking and even some sledging! 

Saturday evening was a social occasion with a delicious communal meal provided by Allan S, Kate, Martha and I - big thanks to everyone that cooked, washed or dried, great team effort!

Sunday looked a better forecast, and the group split in two to go up either Carn Dearg & Sgor Choinnich, or Leum Uilleim. The weather was still squally and views from the summit were fleeting to none existent, but everyone made it back to the hostel in one piece - despite my attempt to go bog snorkelling having fallen through snow between the two Munros and getting stuck up to my waist in bog and snow (see pics). My fellow walkers helped me out, some physically, others with moral support...as they called it...laughing and taking pictures of the numpty stuck in a hole on their phones (TBF I would have been the latter if it had been someone else)! Its a good job I could see the funny side as I was wringing black bog water out of my socks! Anyway...the sun came out (once we were off the hills!!) and it was a lovely walk back around Loch Ossian.

Claire H even managed to get an hour or two of skiing in whilst we waited for the train.

A mass extraction on the 6:24pm train and a lot of laughter, reminiscing and sharing stories of our (mis-)adventures.

Great weekend had by all!


Chris Re