Edinburgh Mountaineering Club: Meet Report
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Interior of one of the snowholes on the Cairngorm plateau - Tim
Interior of one of the snowholes on the Cairngorm plateau - Tim

Meet Report

11th to 13th March 2016 - Milehouse, Kincraig

As this meet was the one after THAT Glencoe meet most people still had the lingering high from 2 weeks ago and were contented with the lit fire and a few beers.  It’s a very good indication of what to expect weather wise without need for MWIS when Alison announces she’s left her climbing gear behind and plans were generally kept simple.  Alison gathered most support for her top bagging mission on Bynack More with Tim, Sylvian and PNMs Natalie, Sim and Alice joining her whilst Clare, Monty, Kenny and I headed for Geal Carn.  Word had obviously got round from the last meet about Chris’s Corbett bagging epics and strangely there weren’t any takers for his choice of Corryhabbie Hill and Cook’s Cairn.

Not much to be said of Saturday, we battled up and down Geal Charn mostly through a white out with Clare and I enjoying some free reminders from Monty’s winter navigation refresher a few weeks earlier and making sure we kept Kenny happy by pulling out both rum and whisky at the summit.  From what I could gather there was much the same experience had over on Bynack More.  I think the lack of comments made was probably comment in itself.  Fire roared all evening – shame we don’t stay at more places with fires as certainly cheering.

On Sunday there was an extremely keen party that headed up Ben MacDuie – Tim, Natalie, Sim and Alice.  Looking over at the swirling clouds from the Glen Feshie corbetts that Chris and I headed up, Carn Dearg Mor and Meallach Mhor, I was quietly impressed at their choice of day.  We had nice but cold conditions with cloud free Corbetts. Alison continued her pursuit of Munro tops and headed up Braeriach - Tom Dubh.  Slyvian and Kenny joined her for part of the walk.  Gather there may have been some wading involved from Alison’s text afterwards telling me right move to pick the Corbetts.  Clare and Monty headed down to tick off three of the Drumochters.

This may not quite have been able to rival Glencoe in stunning conditions but every trip has something to remember it by.  Highlight of this one, which is likely to see many future happy trips - a peaceful way to enjoy Alpine bunk accommodation with the discovery, courtesy of Chris, of the world’s most effective ear plugs!  These may have revolutionised EMC meets for me and Alison and Kenny both immediately put in an order.  Think these rather than the mountains may have become the talking point of the weekend. A new way discovered for EMC snorers and non-snorers to merrily co-exist on meets?  The Glencoe meet report finished with the quote “probably the best weather I’ve ever had on a meet”, well I’ll finish this one with “probably the best night’s sleep I’ve ever had in an alpine bunk” :-)


Katrina M