Edinburgh Mountaineering Club: Meet Report
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Looking over to Creag Mhor - Mike W Pointing at something? - Mike W
Looking over to Creag Mhor - Mike W

Meet Report

28th to 30th August 2015 - Glenfeshie Hostel, Kincraig (Bank Holiday Weekend)

For those that braved the ongoing summer forecast of gloom the weekend in Glen Feshie turned out to be mostly better than expected and there were even some reported sightings of sunshine. 

Saturday, however, started, in line with the summer trend and was fairly wet and wild.  Notwithstanding this, with the exception of determined sun seekers Fiona and Mike, who headed off for a 2 hour drive to Logie Head to top up their tan and do a spot of coastal climbing, everyone else decided that they would brave the weather and determinedly make the most of being in Glen Feshie.  We managed a very good scattering of EMC members across the area including a mini mass assault on Mullach Clach a'Bhlair as well as a mini relay on Sgor Gaoith which had 3 separate visits over the course of the weekend.

Team Corbett - Tim, Pete and Sara, headed off by bike (which prompted some delay for all of us to admire Pete’s bike and its monster sized tires).  Tim went to Meallach Mhor via Glen Tromie and Sara and Pete to Cruach Innse.    

Team Munro, Alan S, Kate, Fiona C, Alan H, Kenny and I headed off on foot.   Kenny departed moments after leaving the car park and headed up Sgor Gaoith whilst the rest of us wandered through the forest and up the landrover track to Mullach Clach a'Bhlair.  Apparently much work has been done recently to improve the track.  According to Alan S our somewhat drizzly hike would have been much worse a few years earlier when we would have been fighting through a bog – it’s all relative and we were cheered.  As mountaineers the lack of view and general poor weather meant talk turned towards gear.  Thanks to Alan S for introducing a new gear debate so subtle I don’t think any of us knew it existed – do you store your waterproof trousers zipped or unzipped in a rucksack?!  A direct split was found - those favouring speed and those favouring a tidier backpack.   The group divided at the summit and Kate, Alan S and Fiona C descended down the south side to enjoy a forest walk back.  Alan H and I walked to Carn Ban Mor where we parted ways and whilst Alan headed back for tea and cake and I set off determinedly into the cloud to go and “bag” a hill I’d already done – must check records more closely next time before a bad weather day.  I was rewarded a little for my efforts with finally some lovely views on the descent from Sgor Gaoith.

Sunday started relatively unpromisingly but transformed quite quickly leading to some good reports all round on activities (and also quite a lot of general surprise at this).  Fiona Mike and I headed up Bynack More for summit bagging (me) and top bagging (Fiona).  Mike and I accompanied her to Bynack Beg but left her to her own devices to go to the rather uninspiring looking  A’Choinneach (boggy hill), opting to go and explore the fantastic Barns of Bynack and meeting up again for Creag Mhor.  Having headed up the North end of Glen Tromie on Saturday, Tim went to the South end to do An Dun and An'Chaoirnich and noted it “Stayed dry all day!”.  Gather there was a bypass with Pete coming the other way on the monster wheels.  Alan H, Kenny, Sara climbed ‎Creag Ruadh and again reported back that they had great views in all directions.  Apparently they spent a long time at the summit “blethering nonsense” – very unlike the intellectual debates that are normally had.  And finally, Alan S and Kate did to quote Alan “what I think of as "Kenny and Alan H's hill” in Glen Feshie.  I deliberately haven’t asked for clarification on this - my guess was Sgor Gaoith but will leave that one open.

General verdict seemed to be definitely worth the trip. 

Katrina M