Edinburgh Mountaineering Club: Meet Report
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Meet Report

24th to 26th October 2008 - Lazy Duck Hostel, Nethy Bridge

A party of 10 arrived at the Lazy Duck hostel, not (too) discouraged by the dismal weather forecast for the weekend. Perhaps the poor forecast was the reason that Gillian's suggestion of one of the wee Grahams between the hostel and Inverness, followed by a visit to a well known outdoor store, proved popular.

The decision of which Graham to ascend was made easier by information provided by Kenny: "If you do that one you'll have a bog trot", whereas "If you do that one you'll have a hut to eat your sandwiches in half way". So a no brainer then and Carn Glas-choire was duly selected, enabling Gillian, Helen, Richard, Kate and Harry to enjoy lunch in comfort at the hut on the way up followed by afternoon tea on the descent, although to be fair the weather was much better than expected.

Better weather too for Alison W and Ron on their high level traverse taking in Carn Mor from the south where the forecasted buffeting failed to materialise. Kenny and Alison C did a walk involving the Speyside way at some point. On their return having just crossed a field they met an angry farmer driving an unlicensed vehicle along the road who informed them that "the roads were for walking not the hills"! Meet based on the M25 anyone? We could probably get a good group rate at a Travel Lodge...

The evening was enhanced by a splendid communal meal in the cosy hostel. The following day saw Bill B heading north of Inverness on a quest to bag a remote summit. Harry, Kate and Gillian ascended A'Chailleach and Carn Sgulain where missing the bridge meant a river crossing. Happily however this enabled Harry to chivalrously assist Kate and another party of three young ladies over the river. The weather was very snowy and rather pleasantly like a Christmas card on the descent route.