Edinburgh Mountaineering Club: Meet Report
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witches step - Alison C Nigel, Mauvais Pas, A'Chir Ridge, Arran - Alison C
witches step - Alison C

Meet Report

18th to 21st September 2009 - Shore Lodge, Brodick Arran

With a forecast for a “better day on Sunday” we all of course set out enthusiastically on Saturday morning for Beinn Tarsuinn followed by the ridge of A’Chir or a ridge walk to Cir Mhor and Caistel Adhail, the latter facilitated by some not that early in the morning car rearranging by Penny and Gillian.  En route most popular option seemed to be a retreat after Beinn Tarsuinn if the rain didn’t abate but happily the forecast was correct and at about 1pm everything cleared just in time for everyone not to be half way back down Glen Rosa as the sun came out. The speediest group, possibly aided by Kennys knowledge of how far up Glen Rosa it is possible to drive, had luckily not gone so far down hill that turning round was an undesirable option and Alison C, Anne C and Fiona C were able to return to the ridge for the traverse of A’Chir.


Sunday saw David and Ged heading off for a traverse of Goat Fell before catching the boat back with Kenny. Fiona C, Anne C, Penny and Gillian completed an extremely pleasant circular route of the Graham Bhein Bharrian, which finished with something of a maze through ferns and foliage to regain the road. Everyone else meanwhile did a circular route of Caistel Adhail which included an ascent of the Witches Step. Back at the bunk house the evening finished with some unexpected culture - a poetry reading from potential new member Richard who displayed an uncanny gift for mimicry. His rendition of that Pam Ayres classic “I wish I’d looked after my teeth” will long live in my memory and I can’t have been the only person to have taken particular care over dental hygiene that night.


As advertised Monday dawned damp and drear. Anne C set off early for a Corbett in Dumfriesshire. An announcement from Alison C that “the 11am ferry is fully booked for cars but there’s space on the 13:50” resulted in a rush for mobile phones and booking references. The remaining time was spent viewing stone circles, eating bacon sandwiches and supporting the local economy (aka shopping)