Edinburgh Mountaineering Club: Meet Report
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Binnein Shuas and the loch behind - Fiona C Ben Nevis (with a helicopter flying over) - Fiona C
Binnein Shuas and the loch behind - Fiona C

Meet Report

23rd to 25th March 2007 - Aite Cruinnichidh

Those who travelled North in daylight had fantastic views of Scotland in the sun, after dark it was Scotland by moonlight. So gorgeous, it was all too easy to watch the scenery rather than the road. With the promise of a very good day on Saturday, Friday evening was spent making plans.

Saturday dawned sunny but cold with a bit of cloud on the high summits. The climbers were all heading for the Ben, so the first party (Kenny, Alison C and Ewan) left at 6.45 followed shortly by Martin and Alan. The hillwalkers split into two parties (the A-team of Alison W, Fraser and Ron) and the B-team (Bill C and myself) were all doing Anoch Mor by the East Ridge (Stob an Cul Choire). The bunkhouse was empty by 7.45am.

Bill and I had a few difficulties with the initial route finding as my map was in Edinburgh and Bill's didn't show the ski centre (but did show all the underground water pipes!). However, we eventually found our way through the forest and climbed gently along the ridge in the sunshine. The top of Anoch Mor was in the cloud but as we approached, the cloud lifted off. Perfect. The views were stunning all around but of the Ben in particular. We met the A-team as we approached Anoch Beg before they dropped down to climb Carn Mor Dearg too. As we descended off Anoch Mor the route was plastered in signs 'Mountain bikes only - walkers use alternative route'. With only a pre-historic map, Bill and I took our chances and came down the MTB route with some difficulty. Surely it's impossible to cycle down that?.

Alan and Martin had a good day on the Ben and thankfully it remained clear all day (they had no map!). Kenny, Alison and Ewan climbed number 3 gully buttress and were last back to the bunkhouse.

Sunday was beautiful again. The climbers all headed via Anoch Mor to climb on the east ridge of Carn Mor Dearg, whilst Alison W and I did Beinn a Chlachair. There was another map incident with Bill attempting Creag Meagaidh (using only sheet 41) but ended up on Beinn a Chaorainn.

Bill C has supplied scanned maps of the main underground water pipe systems which are available as a zip file.

A glorious weekend.

Fiona C