Edinburgh Mountaineering Club: Meet Report
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Alison on Bracket - Alison C
Alison on Bracket - Alison C

Meet Report

9th to 11th July 2007 - Patterdale

There was a slight mix up with our booking for the Agnes Spencer Memorial Hut in Patterdale so we found ourselves camping a little further up the road. Fortunately the weather was pretty much perfect. It was possibly the last time the sun was seen this month. In true Lakeland tradition, the campsite was packed and the only area left for us was at the top of the hill, in fact it was the hill. On Saturday, Margaret, Gillian, Alison W and Ron headed off to Helvellyn via Striding Edge. Kenny, Ewan and I went to Gimmer Crag and managed to be first on our chosen route, Bracket and Slab. A little time was lost on the first pitch when Kenny deposited Ewan's number 9 hex down a large crevice where it was lost forever. A little more time was lost when Kenny went off route on pitch 4 and nearly went up a much harder variation ominously named Amen Corner. An intermediary belay was taken enabling Ewan to strike up conversation with the young female teachers who were following us.

The main event of the evening was Ron causing third degree burns to Alison W's foot in a small accident with some boiling water. Later and once the skin had been peeled off Alison's foot we retired to the pub, hoping to drink enough not to notice rolling down to the bottom of the tent during the night.

Sunday was even hotter. Gillian and Margaret were doing a small hill opposite the campsite. Ron and Alison went to the Borders and Kenny, Ewan and I did a bit more climbing.

Alison C