Edinburgh Mountaineering Club: Meet Report
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You guessed it - Tim and Anne on the other Innse - Alison W A better than expected view - Alison W
You guessed it - Tim and Anne on the other Innse - Alison W

Meet Report

3rd to 5th February 2006 - Aite Cruinnichidh

While other club members, namely Richard H and Fraser were enjoying the Hibees bounce at Ibrox (sweet result) the rest of us made our way round the tight corner down to the bunkhouse. The forecast for Saturday was for lots of cloud, but the mountain forecast did also hint that the very high tops may be out of the clouds and unusually there was to be no buffeting from the pesky wind. There was divided opinion on the size of the hills to tackle given the forecast with Alison, Anne, Tim and the Bills electing for lower hills including the two corbetts Sgurr Innse and Cruach Innse. Bill B set off for his usual Graham bagging exploits, this time up Glen Roy where he was assisted in a river crossing by coming across an old pair of trainers conveniently located at the edge of the river, once the moss growing inside had been removed he proceeded to don his new footwear and kept his boots dry, it could only happen to Bill. Kenny and Alison clanked off with their climbing gear for the slog into the Ben, where after almost losing each other in the mist they climbed the grade II North Gully and reported quite reasonable snow conditions. Anne and I opted to go high given the forecast and were rewarded on Aonach Mor and Aonach Beag with clear tops and great views to the Ben and the mamores. Richard A had opted for Creag Pitridh along at Loch Laggan but unfortunately ended up in cloud all day, with as usual the west being best.

The evening was the normal beer, wine and cooking of dinner in shifts, the only downside being that there was a lack of hot water in the showers for those that returned later in the day.

On Sunday there was a lot more cloud and this time it didn't lift and the buffeting had returned. A few folks did some of the corbetts and other hills in Glen Roy, with Anne and I having a particularly strenuous day of some 2.5 hours, although I think Alison C had an even more trying day of nearly 1.5 hours. Bill C and Eileen headed off to tackle Creag Meagaidh which has evidently moved further south and nearer the A9 as we spotted their car near Drumochter!!

Alan R