Edinburgh Mountaineering Club: Meet Report
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Bank of cloud on the Paps - Alison C Camping in front of the hotel - Alison C
Bank of cloud on the Paps - Alison C

Meet Report

29th April to 1st May 2006 - Jura

Five went to Jura with 2 cars and 2 bikes. The complexities of travel to Jura required one day out of three to be allocated for the ascent of the paps. For the early car arrivals (Anne, Alison and Liz) this was Saturday with Liz operating one handed after severing an artery in her hand in a fight with a butternut squash. Unfortunately, whilst everywhere else seemed to be bright and sunny, including the rest of Jura, a large bank of cloud sat over the Paps all day and refused to move - so no views on the tops.

The Jura hotel provided fine entertainment as a reward for the long hard day. Since the smoking ban came in we all seem to be staying rather longer in the pub and an excess alcohol headache has replaced the headache from a smoky pub. After one round of 21 year old Jura malt and a request for the same again, Kenny was given firm instructions not to come back with a Bells or Grouse for Jura (they know him too well) but he was still caught out trying to pass off an unidentified Jura malt for the vintage of the previous round.

Sunday saw our attempt on the paps and the day didn't look too promising with an even bigger bank of cloud covering the paps. The first was duly completed in the standard pap thick mist but suddenly things began to look a little brighter and we finally got a clearance for the last two followed by the mist closing in again.

In true EMC island tradition, the best view of the hills was reserved for the return ferry on Monday.

Alison C