Edinburgh Mountaineering Club: Meet Report
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Meet Report

6th to 8th October 2006 - Bowderstone Cottage

Those attending were Ann and Alan Renville, Bill and Eileen, Kenny and Alison, Bill Brown, Matthew Browne(newish member), Jo Ryan(new member).

The company accumulated in dribs and drabs with Kenny and Alison last having gone up and down the motorway a few times and then tried the road to Cockermouth. By the time they arrived the author had done the usual and gone to bed.

Saturday was cool and windy. Ann and Alan met up with friends from Newcastle and went to Hwelvellyn so the kids could have some fun on Striding Edge. The rest aimed for Stye Head via various routes. Kenny and Alison went direct and thence on to Scafell and Greaty End, the rest, owing to a navigational glitch ended up at Esk Hause and a fine view of the Langdales. Bill C went back to meet Eileen and on to Stye Head. The remaining three, Matthew, Jo and the Author continued up to somewhere and finding themselves lost also returned and went to Stye Head. Finally the original targets of Great and Green Gables were climbed, Eileen and Bill being passed on the way. The final retreat via Gillercomb had a sting in the tail with an interesting descent for Jo who had never set hand or foot on rock before. In the evening Matthew's plea for the pub got no takers and the evening was spent on chat and the comfort of a good coal fire.

Sunday produced similar weather and a group assault on Blencathra was abandonned. Ann and Alan went somewhere beginning with a G (I think), Kenny and Alison went home and Author, Bill and Eileen, Jo and Matthew headed for Derwent Fells. Matt peeled off early to visit his granny and the rest did Dale Head and Hindscarth at paces suitable to each, and so home. An enjoyable meet in an improved hut.

Bill B