Edinburgh Mountaineering Club: Meet Report
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Fraser on Meall Chuiach - Fraser Alison with a red nose! - Fraser
Fraser on Meall Chuiach - Fraser

Meet Report

27th to 29th October 2006 - Milehouse, Kincraig

Friday night was a return to the familiar routine of driving North in the dark. We found the hut okay and relaxed over a few beers. By 10.30pm we were still waiting on Fraser to arrive - after checking the mobiles we discussed how it wasn't like Fraser to bail without letting us know. Actually, Fraser had forgotten to print off the instructions on how to find the hut and so spent an hour driving up & down Glen Feshie. He finally arrived at 10.45pm.

Saturday morning was extremely wet - Alison W, Fraser, Matt & Iain set off in the rain to do the Feshie ridge. The rest of us had more tea whilst we waited on the weather improving. Finally it cleared up so Kenny & Martin also headed off the Feshie ridge whilst Gillian, Alison C & myself went to climb Meall a Bhuichaille at Glenmore Lodge. About an hour into the walk the views disappeared and it started to chuck it down again. As we descended to the first col Alison C was planning an alternative itinerary (craft shop, tea shop, gear shop!). It brightened up however so we continued along the ridge with the cloud coming and going around us. The Feshie ridge mob faired less well with more rain & more cloud and fewer views.

The early evening entertainment was provided by Martin & Kenny as they attempted to light the wood-burning stove. They spent ages faffing and arguing over the best way to get the fire going - 'just give it another ten minutes and it will be fine'. The fire finally burst into life after yours truly flung half a bucket of coal on top of it. Albert, your expertise is much missed...

After dinner on Saturday we went down to the bar at Loch Insch only to find that they had shut (it was 9pm!). We persuaded them to serve us one round but that was it so we came back to the hut for more beer and the usual Wells cheese-board.

Sunday was bright and dry so we gave up the extra hour in bed in favour of an extra hour on the hill (definitely not my idea!). Alison & Kenny were heading to Braeriach & Fraser to Meall Chuiach. The rest of us had a lovely walk along the Fara ridge with fantastic views along Loch Ericht and a sunbathing stop on the last top.

Fiona C